SFTPPlus v3 migration path

Fri 25 September 2015 | general release

We are pleased to announce a major new release for SFTPPlus entitled SFTPPlus v3

The highlights include:

  1. The new version combines the two 'Server' and 'Client' products into a single installation. Some customers will continue to use only one part of the functionality while others need both. Licensing will still allow customers to choose only the functionality required in order to keep costs down
  2. SFTPPlus 3.0 is the next major version for both SFTPPlus Client 1.5 and SFTPPlus Server 2. It has been significantly re-architected and re-designed to make it easier to be used together with a wide range of managed file transfer workflows, to assist customers with flexible usage, enables better diagnostics and testing as well as providing a much improved platform for future development allowing upgrades with a minimum of impact for customers
  3. Future development and new features will all be based in the new release (SFTPPlus 3.0). SFTPPlus Client 1.5 and SFTPPlus Server 2 will not receive any further development or new features.
  4. We will still make bugfix releases for both SFTPPlus 1.5 and SFTPPlus Server 2 for at least another 3 years but very much hope that all users will migrate to the new Release within the next 12 months. However we recognise that customers with more significant integration and complex installations will require longer and therefore suggest that planning begins as soon as possible
  5. Existing customers: Your current license is still valid and will cover the SFTPPlus 3 functionalities associated with your license. e.g. SFTPPlus Client 1.5 licenses will only cover the client side of SFTPPlus 3. You will also receive the benefit of new features and functionality available in this release as well as future development.
  6. Documentation for SFTPPlus 3 has been improved based on feedback on earlier versions.

The focus for SFTPPlus 3.0 has been to create a stable product that combines the two modules, with easy installation procedures and provides as a minimum all the same functionality that you have had before.

Future development plans are advanced and we will be moving forward to provide additional features and functionality according to perceived needs as well as users feedback. We therefore would very much welcome any suggestions and input you may have.

Some of the features that will be added in the coming months include:

  • Add WebDAV support for transferring files over HTTP/HTTPS.
  • Support for client-side HTTP/HTTPs/WebDAV protocols
  • Manage multiple hosts from a single Manager GUI.
  • Built-in support for clustering to support resilient configuration

More info on our dedicated roadmap page.

Please contact us at support@proatria.com and we will be pleased to provide the new release so that you can test and prepare for migration. We will also be happy to discuss the upgrade process specifically to suit your needs.

Please advise:

  1. Platform(s) and os version(s) you are interested in or currently use
  2. SFTPPlus module (Server/Client) and version(s) in use currently
  3. Protocol(s) in use currently

Do let us know if you have any questions or if we can assist further in any way.