SFTPPlus Server release series 1.8.X reached end of life

Mon 09 May 2016 | general server

We are announcing that SFTPlus Server version 1.8 has reached end of life.

As described in our Product Life Cycle page, SFTPPlus version 1.8 was released on 03/10/2012.

The end of life was reached on 08/04/2016, 3 years after version 2 was released.

Security and other features have been updated in later versions and new functionality added under our development programme. An upgrade is recommended in order to take advantage of all such updates and enhancements. The upgrade is free of charge and fully supported.

Customers can continue to use SFTPPlus Server version 1.8 as there is no limitation build in SFTPPlus which prevent using the product past its end of life.

Customers which require extended support for SFTPPus Server version 1.8 can get in touch with us to arrange the extended support.

SFTPPlus Server version 2 continues to be supported until 17/09/2018.

No end of life is announced yet for SFTPPlus version 3, but it will supported for at least another 3 years after a end of life date is announced.