SFTPPlus Server 2.9.0 Release

Tue 09 December 2014 | general server

We are pleased to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus Server, version 2.9.0 which simplifies account's SSH key based authentication and provides a web based tool for generating new SSH keys and converting existing keys in OpenSSH, SSH.com or PuTTY format to be used in SFTP and SCP file transfer servers. The new SSH keys management tool replaces the external PuTTYgen tool.

To prevent creating huge log files, starting with this version the default configuration creates a log file which is automatically rotated at the end of the day.

The FTP and FTPS service was updated to work behind a NAT even with legacy FTP clients which don't support the EPSV (RFC 2428) command, by advertising an explicit IP address in PASV responses.

This release contains a fix for removing files which are marked as read-only in Windows

These are just the highlights of this release. For more details please see the full release notes.