SFTPPlus 3.2.1 Release

Tue 17 November 2015 | general release

We are announcing a bugfix release for SFTPPlus, version 3.2.1.

Here are the main fixes:

  • Improve product responsiveness while monitoring big recursive directory structures.
  • Fix PAM authentication on AIX.
  • Add a dedicated SFTPPlus package for AIX 7.1. The SFTPPlus AIX 5.3 package is working on AIX 7.1 only if OpenSSL 0.9.8 is also installed on AIX 7.1.
  • On AIX, reduce the SHA256-crypt rounds used for one way encryption of stored password to 5000 to work around performance issues. All other platforms are still using 80000 rounds.

No new functionalities are present in this release.

For more details, please see the full release notes.