SFTPPlus 3.11.0 Release

Fri 10 June 2016 | general release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 3.11.0.

This release adds SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) 10 to the list of supported SUSE versions.

The support for certificate revocation list was extended in this version to support loading CRLs over HTTP and supporting multiple CRLs for a single service.

Here is the list with the main new features:

  • It is now possible to configure a list of ciphers used by the SSH based services. You can now configure the accepted symmetric encryption, key exchange and MAC algorithms. [sftp][scp]
  • It is now possible to load CRLs from local filesystem in both PEM and DER format. Previously only the PEM format was supported.

Here is the list of the most important defects fixed in this release:

  • Database event handlers will now resume once the associated database becomes available again.
  • The state of a transfer is now correctly reported as stopped, when the transfer was stopped while in the stalled state.

You can also check the full release notes.