SFTPPlus 3.18.0 Release

Thu 15 December 2016 | general release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus, version 3.18.0.

It includes support for listening on port below 1024 using Unix special capabilities and permissions.

The server-side home folder creation capabilities were improved to allow creating a set of directories and subdirectories after an account is successfully authenticated.

Here is the list of adder minor improvements:

  • It is now possible for event handlers to filter an event based on the UUID of the component which has generated the event.
  • It is now possible to configure a template for generating the body of the email sent by the email-sender event handler.
  • The audit message for loading a CRL was updated to include the date and time at which the CRL will be reloaded together with information about the date and time advertised by the CRL for the next publish and next update.

This release also comes with a few defect fixes. Here are the most important defect fixes:

  • On Linux and Unix systems, when the SFTP server-side creates new files, their permissions are filtered against the configured umask. This was a regression introduced in version 2.8.0, in which the umask value was not used for the newly created files.
  • Monitoring/watching a location is no longer stopped when a file is quickly moved then removed, moved then create another file with the same name or moved and then modify the moved file.

You can check the full release notes.