SFTPPlus MFT is positioned for securing enterprise data with release of latest software version

Wed 15 November 2017 | press

The security and automation of file transfers has become easier for all enterprises – large and small - to use and integrate with the release of the latest version of SFTPPlus MFT.

SFTPPlus MFT is a software suite for managed file transfer (MFT) with Client and Server that may be licensed and used as standalone modules or together as a MFT solution. SFTPPlus MFT provides functionality to automate file transfers between systems, users inside an organization and with third-parties. The software is designed to work on major operating systems including Windows, Linux and UNIX. SFTPPlus MFT supports the most popular file transfer protocols like FTPSSFTP, HTTPS and WebDAV and provides external authentication support, integration with built-in and external logging solutions and audit functionality. SFTPPlus MFT also integrates with external encryption solutions and offers an API for third-party integrations.

SFTPPlus MFT suite has become the main product of the company which is continuously developed and supported using automated tests, high-quality assurance and documentation. Security, correctness, functionality and performance as well as integration support and no vendor lock-in are key requirements of SFTPPlus MFT.

Tim Adams, Director, said “We have found an increasing demand from customers who do not want vendor lock-in with proprietary protocols and prefer a solution that can be quickly installed to use basic functions and are then delighted to find the extra functions that are typically only available with high cost solutions. Part of our mission has always been to make high end functionality available with a cost-effective and affordable product.”

New features and functionality have been added – in many cases this is driven by customer requests as well as market needs – and includes those required due to changes in FIPS, PCI and other security standards.

A new website has been launched at sftpplus.com which has added new pricing and discount information to ensure new customers can quickly find information they need and access further information through trials and documentation. Discounts are not only available for larger deployments but also for small companies in order to encourage and enable best practice for every enterprise of any size.

Tim Adams, Director, said “We encourage new customers to take a free, supported trial to see the ease with which the software can be installed and used in order to explore the rich functionality and features. Our consultants will be happy to help with best practice and discuss integration, if required. We are always pleased to work with companies of all sizes where needs may be a single Server or Client as well as with large enterprises and government where needs may be for an enterprise wide solution that requires integration with other systems.”

Adi Roiban, CTO, said “We have listened carefully to customers who are keen to use open standards and require a solution that helps ensure security of data while enabling many options for automation and authentication. Our larger customers need a product that can be integrated with existing workflow and other systems and can also be installed on multiple operating systems.”

“Key to our success has been our team of developers and support specialists who ensure that SFTPPlus MFT fits customer needs whether on legacy systems or latest technology and they will assist, if required, with use of features and best practice as well as help with integration.”

“We see increasing demands due to changing requirements to meet FIPS, PCI and other security standards. We work closely with customers to ensure that current and future needs are met in a timely way with functionality that is based on the RFC and specific standards as well as particular integration or other use.”

Our worldwide customer profile includes government agencies and businesses large and small across Europe, USA, Middle East, Asia, Australia and Far East. Pro:Atria also works with integrators and system design teams including IBM, DXC, Fujitsu, Capita and Tata (amongst others). Customers are from all sectors including retail, financial, manufacturing, healthcare, education and transport as well as government agencies and departments. Support is provided by our team of staff who are based across Europe.

For more information on SFTPPlus MFT and how Pro:Atria can help secure and automate file transfers go to - sftpplus.com.


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Pro:Atria was founded in 2001 in the UK and provides commercial on-premise software products and support to it’s worldwide client base. Its flagship product, SFTPPlus MFT, enables enterprise users and IT teams to secure and automate file transfers across a wide range of platforms that includes Windows, Unix and Linux. The original SFTPPlus product was launched in 2005 and has been under continuous development since then.

With customers that include government agencies and businesses - large and small - Pro:Atria also works with integrators and system design teams on a worldwide basis. Support is provided by its team of staff who are based across Europe.

Our mission is to provide a cost-effective and secure software product with a rich feature list for authentication, automation and integration together with the highest quality service, ensuring that enterprises of all sizes can secure and automate their data transfers both internally and externally with third parties. Data is secured using open standards that include the protocols FTPS, SFTP and HTTPS - amongst others.

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