SFTPPlus Release 3.29.0

Thu 11 January 2018 | general release

We are pleased to announce the latest release of SFTPPlus version 3.29.0.

New Features

  • An event with ID 30079 is now emitted when an SFTP location sends a banner message during authentication. [#4293]
  • The HTTP file transfer service now supports the HEAD method for folders which return OK when the folder exists. [#4493]
  • The HTTP event handler now sends the local timestamp for the generated event. Previously, the event was sent without a timestamp and the event timestamp was supposed to be created by the PHP WebAdmin. To take advantage of this change, you will need PHP WebAdmin version 1.9.0 or newer. [#4577]

Defect Fixes

  • An error is no longer produced when the source location for a SFTP transfer is a Bitvise SSH server. [#4297]
  • An internal server error is no longer produced by the HTTP file transfer service when a file or a folder is accessed with an unsupported method. [server-side][http] [#4493]
  • The HTTP event handler now sends the IP and PORT of the remote peer associated with the event. Previously, this detail was omitted and PHP WebAdmin was using the address of the SFTPPlus server instead of the client connected to the server. [#4577]
  • The limit of pending files to be transferred for a single transfer was raised from 5 000 files to 100 000 files. [client-side] [#4586]

You can check the full release notes.