SFTPPlus Release 3.43.0

Wed 19 December 2018 | general release

We are announcing the latest release of SFTPPlus version 3.43.0.

New Features

  • When defining a new password for an account, it is now possible to define a minimum level of complexity and strength. [#4700]
  • You can now set an email as part of the user's account details. [#5125]
  • You can now allow FTP/FTPS users to change their passwords. [server-side][ftp][ftps] [#5127]
  • The bundled OpenSSL library was updated to OpenSSL 1.1.0j on Windows, SLES 11, and OS X. [#5148]
  • A new event handler was added for extracting GZIP compressed files to a destination folder. [#5150]
  • Debian 8 (Jessie) on X86_64 is now a supported operating system. [#5152]

Defect Fixes

  • SFTP and SCP file transfer services no long fail when the client is sending a "keep alive" global request. [server-side][sftp][scp] [#5149]
  • We have updated the libraries used by SFTPPlus with patches addressing CVE-2013-7459 and CVE-2018-6594.

Deprecations and Removals

  • Debian 7 is no longer supported as it was replaced by Debian 8. [#5152-1]
  • Solaris 11 on SPARC and X86 is no longer receiving new SFTPPlus updates due to weak demand for Solaris 11 and increasing costs in keeping Solaris 11 infrastructure up to date. [#5152]

You can check the full release notes here.